WARRIORS – TWINZ Artists’ Debut Exhibition

Warriors is no doubt a visually striking collection of work. Twins not only in physicality but in spirit, their work is no singular vision, but rather a collaboration of four hands and two souls painting on a single canvas, in perfect unison.” – Tina Ahmed, Dubai

Text by Chimi Wangmo & PemC

Photos by Namgay Wangchuk DJ

A line of faces, adorned in the traditional Bhutanese warrior helmet, meets your way as you walk through the exhibition ‘Warriors’: the debut art exhibition of the twins artists Tashi Dendup and Ugyen Samdrup known as TWINZ. Some faces are familiar, as if uprooted from the kingdom’s history of ancient warlords and mountain warriors. Some are foreign – as in the case of the portrait of Rembrandt and Audrey Hepburn, both carrying very well the Bhutanese head gear. There are faces of women too – delicate yet strangely powerful.

The meticulous lines and textured countenance make one wonder the painstaking process that went behind creating these emotions of the canvas. There are influences from different artists, different times and different cultures. But there is one thing that binds all these subjects together: the celebration of the strength of the human spirit that truly makes them warriors. “This exhibition is a collection of portraits of human warriorship that is common in all times and in all cultures. The helmets in the paintings are symbols of their bravery and strength. The characters in the portraits are a combination of fictional and real people,” said the 29 year old artists.

Rembrandt in Gho

Amazingly each painting was worked on by both the artists together. “Since both of us think alike it’s easier to work on the same piece,” commented the brothers casually. They would consciously conceptualize the idea and then the process of painting came with such spontaneity that as soon as one twin started painting, the other one knew how to finish the piece. The artworks are all signed TWINZ.

Azha Karma, founder of VAST, stood proud of the two boys – having seen them grow from young enthusiastic boys to fine young artists with great dedication, spontaneity and versatility. “They are an excellent blend of contemporary, realistic and honest expression of their own unique sense, yet very Bhutanese.”

TWINZ Artists: Tashi Dendup & Ugyen Samdrup                                Photo by Rigzom

The exhibition has 47 pieces of portrait paintings on display that have been created over a course of two years. The event is open to visitors till the 14th of May 2017.

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