Top Ten Entries from the Book Spine Poetry Contest by Junction Bookstore

It is true that poetry is a silent subculture within an already small literary community in Bhutan. Poetry is often seen as “confusing” or “hard to understand” by many. But when Junction Bookstore organized an online ‘Book Spine Poetry’ contest, little did they realize how this modest contest would succeed in bringing out the spontaneous poet in everyone.

In the last few weeks countless number of facebook and instagram users flooded the social media feeds with images of stack of books. But upon paying closer attention you realize that the book titles come together to form a poem. This is book spine poetry.

“We have been looking for ways to interact with our customers and after exploring creative options online, came across some fun contests.” says Kunzang Choki (fondly known as Mui Mui) the owner of Junction bookstore.

“#bhutanbookspinepoetrycontest was an effort to provide an area for our customers to share pictures of their books creatively. Interested participants looked for titles from their home library, arranged the spine sentences into poetry, and shared their entries on instagram with the hashtag #bhutanbookspinepoetrycontest.

“Initially, we were worried that we wouldn’t receive entries like many contests we conducted in the past. This worry was quickly replaced by one where we had to choose the best one from the immense number of really good entries we received. The response we great! We conducted a small survey and selected the Book Spine Poem that received the most number of votes.”


Ukhatiwara: Winner of the Book Spine Poetry Contest


by Yeshi Choden


by Lekema Dorji


by Yeshey Tshokye


by Dorji Yuden


by Deki Pelden


by Sadon Lhamo


by Urvashi Sharma


by Dolma Choden Roder


by Ugen Chozom

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