Top Digital Illustrations from HomeBasedIllustrator

Paint brushes and pencils aren’t the only tools that can create a beautiful piece of art today. Digital artist Ugyen Dorji (who goes by the name @Homebasedillustrator on instagram) uses Adobe Illustrator to produce some of the most interesting renditions of modern pop culture icons.

A Bhutanese version of Wonder Woman, Beauty & the Beast and Bahubali.

“Well as a kid I use to wander off with a book and a pencil and be lost in my own fantasy world. I don’t exactly remember when I started drawing but I do remember everything about it made me happy.” Says Ugyen Dorji.

Without any professional training or guidance, Ugyen taught himself to sketch.  “Art doesn’t need to be too technical or wow,” says the artist.”It can be as simple as a flower or sun or moon; whatever makes you happy. People have that misconception; art has to always be very beautiful and intricate.  Nope, it can be anything that makes you happy.”

A beautiful illustration of our beloved Royal Family.


Regarding his recent digital art on his instagram,  “Simple lines, colors and bright lights is what I think makes my illustration different from other conventional paintings. And at times I like mixing western art with Bhutanese touch, especially famous TV or Movie characters. In short I just try to do something different than conventional illustrations.”

Khaleesi from the popular TV show ‘Game of Thrones”.

Jon Snow from the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’.

But most of all, Ugyen says his work is a tribute to his muse. “My illustrations are of a person whom I love the most.  If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be even doing illustrations.”

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