Terma Linca’s Bhutanese Spa

The Bhutanese traditional hot stone bath is a bath therapy drawn from Indian Ayurvedic practices and the traditional medicine of 7th century Tibet. The traditional hot stone bath at Terma Linca resort pays homage to these traditional concepts . Selected river stones are heated over the fire and gently placed in the large wooden tub, heating the water and releasing important mineral in which people could sit comfortably invoking a profound sense of relaxation.

by Chimi Wangmo,

Photos by Gyeltshen Tobden

Why People Should Try the Traditional Hot Stone Bath at Terma Linca

In collaboration with the Institute of Traditional Medicine, Thimphu they now have incorporated the practice of wellness in Sowa Rigpa in the techniques of their traditional hot stone bath and massages.

The spa therapists at the resort have been specially briefed by the drungtshogs from ITM, about the use of organic oils that are available in the country such as sesame oil and a herbal preparation using the extracts of sesame oils. With the new knowledge, you would now be able to have options to choose from 14 oils depending on which body type yours falls into from the 7 basic body types. Post massage, delchi powder would be used as a body scrub which has fat reducing properties to burn those extra kilos and also gives your skin a glowing effect.

For their hot stone bath they have been using selected river stones and local khempa(hemp) oil to enhance the relaxing and healing effects. They would now be incorporating the knowledge of the herbal preparations you can use in the hot stone bath especially the 5 Elixir mixture for treating many joint diseases.

You can also look forward to a herbal steam at their well-maintained modern steam and sauna with the use of the herbal extracts.

“People should try the incorporation of the practice of wellness in sowa-rigpa in the modern spa services because the oils and herbs used are more organic and pure than even the ones certified organic in market. Though the practice originated in Tibet, it has been practiced in Bhutan for ages making it a practice that withstood time because of its effectiveness. All of these contribute to a wholesome benefit to the body which isn’t just about relaxation but also has a clinical and healing power,’’ said Drungtshog Sherab Dorji, ITM who has been to Terma Linca resort to share ideas on the traditional practice and learn the modern spa techniques from the resort therapists.

True enough, if you’re looking for experiencing a good hydro massage that leaves you feeling relaxed without compromising on the luxury of the modern equipments, Terma Linca’s traditional hot stone bath and massage is a must-try.Their baths are big enough to comfortably accommodate 3 to 4 guests and so there is always the option of sharing with family or friends.

Being prepared upon request, it’s advisable to give at least two hours notice.

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