Pursuing a Career in Dance

When Karma Chuki left her stable job, friends and family in Thimphu to study dance in India in 2012, little did she realize how this move was going to shape her career and her life. Camera by DJ, Editing by Kinley Wangchuk

YEE:How did it all start?

KC:”I knew I wasn’t into the 9 to 5 jobs and I was ready to go for something different,” says a smiling Karma. “I googled and I found a dance academy in Delhi and I started off as a student. I was there for a year and a half studying jazz, ballet, contemporary and hip hop. Soon I was selected to join Ashley Lobo’s new production called ‘The Going Home Project’. I moved to Mumbai with 21 other dancers and it was really difficult for me. I had never done contemporary before and it was really hard. From the strenuous training to not being able to sleep because of our sore bodies and aching feet, those were some of the biggest challenges I faced as a dancer. But Ashley believed in me and saw my passion. And I think his guidance really helped me find my true self.”

YEE:How supportive was your family?

KC: Till date, my family has never pressured me. They have always been supportive of my dreams. I think parents should support their children’s dreams but at the same time kids need to learn not to take advantage of their parents’ liberty. When your parents believe in you, you must never break their trust.

YEE:What do you love about you job?

KC: The best thing about my job is living in the moment. Even though I reach home so late, I go to sleep knowing that the day didn’t go to waste. I feel grateful every single day and every moment I’m on stage. It’s total bliss for me.

YEE:Your next move?

KC: I left thinking that I’ll train myself for a few months to come back and open a dance school. But now my perspective has grown so much and realized how important it is to be a professional dancer. I want to be a versatile dancer so that when I finally have my dance school, I can teach all the other styles and hopefully send dancers from Bhutan to international dance schools.


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