New Cafés in Paro You Have to Try

New Cafés in Paro You have to Try

There was a time when we were lost and confused trying to figure out where to eat or even get a decent cup of coffee in Paro. But now we are more than ecstatic to share the YEE list of where and what to eat when you’re in Paro in partnership with ZHIMMEY. Take your pick!

By Chimi Wangmo

Photos by Gyeltshen Tobden

Champaca Café 

Champaca Café with its simple menu of vegetarian sandwiches, spaghetti and totse (A Bhutanese version of an Indian Khichdi) and an upstairs sitting-area is still one of the best cafes in Paro town. Their vegetarian menu is an interesting mix of western and classic Bhutanese taste. With a creamy top and nutty peanut/coconut/lemon flavored base, their cheese cake is a classic dessert. For the Bhutanese palate, their totse should be a filling tasty meal. Open: 9am-9pm. Located in the main town, Paro.

Yudron’s Delight 

With bar stool seating near the window from across the road, Yudron’s Delight actually leads you to a cozy two room hang-out area in contrast to the commotion on the Bondey Highway. Serving fresh bean coffee and various flavored cakes, Yudron’s Delight definitely has to be your stop on your way to and from Paro. Try their super moist blueberry cake with a jelly taste for that sweet craving. They’re known more for their cakes and bakes. Open: 9am – 9pm. Located along the Highway after crossing the Petrol Pump on the way to Paro Airport.

Mountain Café 

If you’re looking for a more gourmet-influenced meal try Mountain Cafe’s scrumptious salads, pastas, and sizzler. Mountain Café in the heart of Paro town is the newest café choice for the foodies out there. Specializing in organic taste, Mountain Café prides on their homegrown fresh ingredients from salad leaves, root vegetables to herbs. They also use fresh parmesan slices and shreds for their pizzas and pastas, that melt deliciously in your mouth. Located in the main town, Paro.

Take Away Cafeteria 

If you’re in for tasty savoury dishes from melting cheese pizzas, parathas, thukpa, momos and noodles, visit Take Away Cafeteria. Styled like a KFC eatery with fried chicken served at the counter and self-serve seating, Take Away Cafeteria is an interesting spot. It also has the tastiest non-greasy puri with kewa-datsi and delectable beef chowmein with chunks of beef in stir-fried noodles. You can also drop in for popcorn before a movie (which apparently is the trend among movie goers in Paro). Open: 9am – 8:30pm. Located near the bridge to Dopshari.

My Kind of Place

Malaysian Laksa, Indonesian noodles, baked beans and sausages, Traditional Hoentey from Haa…yup these are available on a Paro-cafe menu and it get better. You’ll be so excited when you try My Kind of Place, a newly opened cafe in the main town area. From the exotic giant painting of the Buddha on the wall to the cozy seating decor, there are a lot of things about this cafe you are going to love. We love their adorable coffee mugs. Located in the main town behind Sonam Trophel restaurant, Paro.

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