Nail Art Gets Festive

There was a time when clean monotone colours or a classic french manicure were trending styles of cuticle care. Today, the plethora of nail art photos on instagram say otherwise. The field has now transformed into pieces of tiny canvases for nail artists to painstakingly paint, glue tiny jewels and glitters. So, when we asked ‘ZEMA by Dechen’, a local nail studio in Thimphu to create some nail art sourced from design inspirations that were a little more close to home, this is what they had in store for us.

By Sangay Wangmo            Photos by Gyeltshen Tobden

“This collection of acrylic designs are inspired by traditional textile and motifs,” says Dechen.  “The first one in pastel pink is inspired by the patterns found on the Kishuthara kira. The motif consists of many threads which intersects and form a connecting web, often described as the web on a fly’s wing. It is also similar to a different kind of the eternal knot design very popular on traditional kira designs.”

“These are inspired from the spread of Tenkep Meto designs found in both kira and ghos. This particular pattern is similar to the patch work triangles found in the textiles which is inspired by the path work ritual offering cloth. It is also associated to long life. People believe that it is woven on the textile, the lives of the weaver and the person who wears it will be longer and prosperous.”

“The best thing about nail art is that you get to work with vibrant color combinations. The vibrant yellow design on this set is inspired by our traditional Mentsi – a fabric used during religious ceremonies and important occasions like weddings. Floral patterns of red and green are laid on the background of vibrant yellow.”

For more contact ZEMA By Dechen at 77320712

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