Microblading: The Art of Beautiful Eyebrows

There’s a beauty trend that most Bhutanese women have been ignoring: well-shaped eyebrows. Styling your eyebrows is no longer just about skimming an eye brow liner through your sparse line of hairs anymore – the entire process requires a skill (if you care about your eyebrows at all). But if you’re one of those who don’t have time or the skills to draw out your brows like a pro then Micro Blading is what you have to try. Yee speaks to the expert Ohm on the procedure, style and why it’s trending among asian women.

What is Micro Blading?

“Micro Blading is a semi permanent eyebrow tattoo. This technique is done by using specific needles to draw through your skins (epidermis) just like your eyebrow hairs which give a natural looks and its last for 2 years for dry to normal skin and 1 year for oily skin.”

Is the procedure painful?

No. A microblade tool looks similar to an Exacto knife, but instead of there being one big blade, there is a series of micro needles. The microblade is dipped into a selected color of pigment and then used to make a fine cut, or micro stroke, in the skin. This process results in the pigment being implanted into the skin, which is known as micropigmentation. With the proper technique, microbladed eyebrow results look beautiful and completely natural. You can feel the application on your skin but it is not painful.

Trend in Thailand

“Most asian women have sparse eyebrows so micro blading gives them fuller well-shaped brows and shaped brows really lift the features of your face. It makes life easier for every girl because your eyebrow is always in shape and you can spend less time for make up and still look good without make up.”

Micro bladed eyebrows are nothing like the early 2000’s permanent tattooed eyebrows that sort of look like they were drawn on using a sharpie, and then fade into unnatural shades of blue and pink over time. We’re definitely not talking about those permanent tattoo eyebrows.

“I am very happy with the results,” says Khandu Om Dorji, a client of Ohm’s. “I’ve always had thick brows but had trouble shaping them. With microblading, I’m able to manage the shape of my brows and make them look presentable every time.”

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