‘MELLOW’ – CDK’s Latest Collection at the Royal Textile Academy

The Royal Textile Academy hosted a fashion exhibition Wednesday afternoon, showcasing designs by CDK. The designer, Chandrika, created and displayed her eco-friendly designs on a grand scale project titled “The Mellow”. A fashion show followed by an exhibit revealed her latest collection, inspired by calm waters. The pieces were classic, yet revealed a visionary’s glimpse into the future of fashion. Pastels and neutral tones, made from natural Bhutanese dyes, came together to create an elegant collection in a range of spring to winter looks. The show went well, with the models sashaying each look, conveying the simplicity and practicality of the contemporary women’s line. 

by Crystal Watkins


The exhibition was able to come together through a unique collaboration with the Royal Textile Academy. RTA has created a platform to inspire and encourage creativity within Bhutan. This space has been designed with art in mind and now talent can showcase and sell their work through collaborations similar to the CDK exhibition. This is an exciting time for artists who are looking to enter into a more creative field, as before there was little room for this type of artistic expression. The Royal Textile Academy is doing all it can to promote new talent within the country. More and more people are seeking ways to creatively express themselves and the Royal Textile Academy is able to put their ideas at the forefront. Ideas starting from a single individual can grow into a larger community of likeminded individuals through collaborations with the RTA. Innovation is key and by working with RTC in projects like the fashion exhibition, talent has access to a much wider network.

The Royal Textile Academy is committed to preserving the living arts, and their collaborations with local artisans are another way they keep arts thriving within Bhutan. With their eyes on up and coming talent, RTA recognizes that young minds have something new to offer to the creative world. Noticing that many more young people are exploring artistic career paths, RTA has found a way to make the support these endeavors. It was more than clothes that strut down the runway during “The Mellow” exhibition. Fashion, expression, and art have found a way to make a bold impact in Bhutan through the Royal Textile Academy.

“The Royal Textile Academy is here to promote and preserve the traditional form of weaving, and we are moving a little more every year- trying to make it more exciting to the younger people. While culture is very important, we need to move with time, and to keep it alive we need to be able to attract the younger generation. In this way the designers are taking our textile to a whole different audience thereby helping us fulfill our mission of preserving traditional textiles and motifs.”
Rinzin O. Dorji,
Executive Director,
Royal Textile Academy, Bhutan

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