Malaya: A Bhutanese Jewelry Line

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Photos by Zuki Juno, PemC & Andrzej

Malaya Jewelry is a Bhutan-based and inspired brand focused on designing and crafting jewelry with a deep connection to the spiritual traditions of the Himalayas. Andrzej Rybszleger – a Bhutan based designer, Tibetan translator and Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner from Poland and a Thimphu based entrepreneur and patron of the monastic tradition – Dechen Choden Yoezer partnered up to create a jewelry brand that proudly represents the rich tradition of the Dharma and Bhutan in particular. “We decided that sacred traditions need appropriate representation in the world of jewelry – helping others find inspiration, healing, protection and awakening.” say the partners.

“We work with a team of artists craftsmen and visionaries from all over Europe and south east Asia, including France, Israel, Bhutan, Thailand, England and other countries.” says Andrzej who is married to a Bhutanese and has lived in Bhutan for many years. “Each of the pieces comes into existence with a single spark of insight, yet many hours are necessary to perfect it – including tasks such as wax carving, calligraphy, drawing, 3D design, metal casting, filing, polishing and stone setting, etc.”

“The jewelry pieces is meant to remind the wearer of their innate perfection and pure nature – to symbolize of transforming any negativity into light, wisdom and strength.”

The items include unisex collections that can be worn by anyone, as well as items specifically designed for women as well as men. We use silver, gold, rhodium, platinum, diamonds and other precious materials in our creations. 

The brand started in 2016 and we have been regularly releasing new items ever since. 

Malaya is set to open their first showroom in Thimphu some time in November of 2019.

For more details go to www.malayajewelry.com

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