LING BAGS: Inspired By Bhutan

Thimphu is slowly beginning to see a growing predilection for quality fashion – by that we mean out with the mass-produced knock-off brands, and for good reason. Whether it’s in support of our small local designers or exclusive brands from abroad, Bhutanese women are becoming quite selective of where and what to spend their money on.

Yindhel Bag

A more recent “buy-post” on social media is LING bags from the Philippines. It might be confusing as to how a couture-line bag brand from the Philippines managed to draw the attention of Bhutanese women, but the story of the brand is closer to home than you think.

“My father worked in Bhutan for a while, so I grew up in Bhutan. The names of the bags are inspired by the beautiful people of Bhutan, a place that is near and dear to my heart,” says Ling Ramoy, the designer. “LING Bags are released only once a month with limited quantity per style. Each LING bag holds a personal touch from the designer.  Thus, owning a LING bag is like sharing a part of the designer’s love for a simple, meaningful life.” Each of the LING bag has a name inspired by Bhutan. From names like Euden, Kelzang to Yindhel, these stylish accessories are perfect for your chic ensembles.From stylish oversize tote bags to chic slings, LING’s leather bags’ each style is conceptualized on the basis of simplicity and functionality.

Yeshey Bag

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