Korean Food Festival in Bhutan

To celebrate 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Bhutan, for the first time ever a Korean Food Festival was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korean in Bangaladesh at the Terma Linca Resort and Spa, Bhutan from 8th to 9th of June 2017.

by Chimi Wangmo,

Photographs by Namgay Wangchuk DJ

“…This is my 6th visit to Bhutan. And as always, I am truly pleased to be back as being here brings me the sheer joy thanks to Bhutanese people’s overwhelming kindness, gracious and delightful welcome, not to mention the mesmerizing charm of its nature. However, my visit this year is far more special than ever before as we celebrate the 30 th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Land of Druk Yul(Thunder Dragon) and the Land of Morning Calm…I am well aware of the Bhutanese people’s love for spicy chili. As we Koreans also enjoy chili and its flavor, I am positive that it will be a matter of time for Bhutanese people to be familiarized and enchanted by the charm of Korean cuisine…” said H.E. Mr. Ahn Seong-doo Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Bangladesh in his congratulatory speech.


The Korean Food Festival was open to invited guests for two consecutive nights of the 9th and 10th. The first night saw an assembly of the VIPs from the government organizations. 150 invitations were sent for the second night to the CEOs and representatives of the private sectors. The guests at the fest were treated to an array of delicious Korean dishes as prepared by invited renowned chefs all the way from Korea to introduce the genuine taste of Korean food.

“I am very honored to be in this beautiful country. Tonight we have prepared more than sixteen representative Korean dishes – Baechu Kimchi, Bibimbap, Jayuk-Bulgogi, Galbi-Jim. Those dishes are popular Korean dishes back at home. And people will really enjoy the taste of it…We brought the condiments and sauces from Korea but the vegetables are so fresh here and got everything from the Centenary Farmer’s market to prepare the food for the two nights,” said Kim Soo Jin, Director of Food & Culture Academy.

Korean Food or as Koreans call it, ‘Hansik’ is believed to be an energy source filled with philosophy and science. Traditional Korean wisdom says that food and medicine grow from the same root. Korea’s long standing traditional beliefs show how important food is for the physical and emotional well-being of people.

The Korean Food Festival was of the various events as organized by the Korean Government in a bid to commemorate this auspicious year. Bhutan and Korea had already co-hosted the economic development seminar in March and the Korean Film Festival showing Korean movies in different movie theatres in Thimphu. The “K-Pop Super Concert” which will be performed by the world famous PSY and many other popular Korean pop idols on the 17th June is one of the most awaited events.

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