Kadoo: Educating Kids on Bhutan’s Wildlife

‘Kadoo’ board game, born from an idea to bring nature home is perfectly relevant to anyone living in the urban jungle. From recurring news on planet deterioration to climate change, animal extinction, inequality and other large scale conflicts, people’s wellbeing has never been at a greater risk. The importance of understanding the interconnectedness that we are all part of this beautiful ecosystem and that we are all interdependent should be a critical part of children’s education.

by Sonam Pelden

Kadoo was originally created by the Krab Media and Marketing in India. Kaadoo’s team includes Dinesh Kumble, one of India’s renowned wildlife photographers, Raviraj K. Joshi, a visual communicator and a master designer, Ganesh Subramaniam, a Chartered Accountant who looks after the business operations at Kaadoo and Uday Bapu who holds a background in consulting, strategy and marketing. Their passion and vast knowledge in wildlife and nature translated into creating a fun educative game suitable for all ages.

Krab Media and Marketing Pvt. Ltd, a game publishing company based in Bengaluru, India, expressed their interest to create and market a Bhutan edition of their Kaadoo brand of board games with WWF Bhutan in the late 2016. It aimed to spread awareness of Bhutan’s wildlife and WWF Bhutan’s conservation initiatives through board games. ‘Kadoo: The Big Game – Explore Bhutan Wilderness’ was launched on March 24, 2018 as part of WWF Bhutan’s
Earth Hour campaign.

Kadoo board game requires four players and takes about forty-five minutes to finish a game. It includes a dice, 100 Animal Sighting cards and four pawns. The Animal Sighting cards have an animal and points indicated on the top left. Some cards have more points than the others depending on how globally endangered the animal on the card is. The cards also inform the players about the name of the animal and a factoid about the animal making it very educational and suitable for players of all ages. The Bhutanese edition of Kaadoo – Explore Bhutan Wilderness contains Animal Sighting cards with all the animals found in the country giving our players a safari experience of sighting animals they never knew existed in the country.

The four pawns are hand-crafted by a world renowned artist from Chanapatana using eco-friendly non toxic paint making them absolutely child-safe. The cards have been hand painted and produced using excellent quality paper and ink as well.

Kadoo is available in few places around town like Junction Book Store, My Mart, Baby and Mama’s world, Baby Point, Peykhang and DSB Enterprise. 3.75 percentages of the sales of each board game supports WWF Bhutan’s Young Bhutanese Birders (YBB) Program. WWF plans to bring in a few more ranges of Kaadoo including puzzles and card games later this year.

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