Her World Brides Magazine’s Wedding Shoot in Bhutan

Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan, two of Singapore’s popular singers/actors, visited Bhutan with the Her World Brides Magazine to shoot a spectacular wedding photoshoot in Paro and Thimphu. The stunning evening gowns set against the backdrop of Bhutanese architecture and luscious green landscape.

by Hannah Park

Videos from Her World Brides

Photos by Sky Woo Photography



More couples from around the world are choosing to travel to Bhutan for their wedding or honeymoon, as the pristine, untouched, and mesmerizing beauty of Bhutan’s nature and temples provides the perfect setting for this unforgettable occasion. Jesseca Liu, a renowned singer and actress from Singapore, appeared stunningly beautiful against the vibrant backdrop of Bhutan’s various dzongs and lush mountains. Jeremy Chan, an accomplished TV host, singer, and actor looked unmistakably handsome and stylish in a gho, the Bhutanese traditional dress.

As soon as Bhutan opened its borders to encourage its growing tourism industry, many travel agencies and honeymooners have become captivated by the unique experience that Bhutan has to offer. A refreshing break from the common beachside getaways, Bhutan’s serene atmosphere, deeply spiritual religious traditions, and plethora of wildlife and flora, has marked this country as the ultimate romantic destination. Its rich and lively culture, as well as its exotic cuisine, has drawn hundreds of couples to call Bhutan the ideal place to tie the knot.

As Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan prove, romance and beauty can be found in the most unique of places. The striking scenery found in Bhutan’s vibrant, rolling mountains, as well as its captivating cultural traditions, surmount to the fact that Bhutan is well on its way as the world’s next ideal destination for those seeking an unforgettably romantic experience.


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