HAPPY CHIPS Launches Ema Datsi Flavour

After much anticipation Happy Chips, Bhutan, finally launched their Ema Datsi Flavour, promising more exciting new flavours sourced from the organic produce of Bhutanese farming communities.

 by Chimi Wangmo,

Video by Namgay Wangchuk DJ

“We have been working on this project for 4 years now. The idea is always to create a brand that allows us to work with farming communities. How it started is that we really looked at how the agricultural system works – what’s there and what we can build on. One of the things that we do differently than other chips companies is that we develop our own seasonings and no other chips company in the world does that. The brand idea is to create something that people can see and know directly it’s Bhutanese” said Adrian Bernstorff , Managing Director

The only local potato chips giving stiff competition to Lays, these delicious chips are produced from the famous desir potatoes and tasteful spices and other ingredients all grown naturally in Bhutan. The first flavor Happy Chips Classic Salted was launched in 2015 followed by the Happy Chips Bhutanese Spices in 2016. With the latest Ema Datshi launched on 16th June 2017, they have a total of three types of flavours under the brand.

“All the raw materials are sourced locally. There is a village called Drachuka and there we have a community. All the community members are farming members of Happy Green Cooperative. That community sources most ingredients for us. Our hope is that at some point we want to build similar communities all across the country and source all the raw materials locally,” said Thinley, Marketing Head.

A tomato flavored Happy Chips is expected to be launched in October.

‘Happy Chips’ is a product of Nob Bhutan Plc with ingredients sourced from Happy Green Cooperative – a community of Bhutanese small-holding farmers & dedicated people with different backgrounds , brought together by the vision to improve the conditions of rural life in Bhutan & to provide opportunities for the young generation (information from www.happychips.bt)

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