Essence: A Solo Art Exhibition

A member of VAST since the age of 13, Pema Tshering (popularly known as Tintin) has known nothing but art and the joy of being an artist for the last 20 years.  Though he has no formal degree or training of sorts in painting, having pursued art out of passion he has over the years achieved many accolades as an artist and his first Solo Exhibition ‘Re-Lightened’ in 2013 left all in awe.

With his second Solo Exhibition at VAST Bhutan from 3rd to 17th November 2106, he has established a name for himself as an inspiring Bhutanese contemporary artist among the art aficionados. Titled ‘Essence’, the exhibition put the spotlight on the artist’s fifty plus paintings from individual pieces to paintings in series.

vast6“I have recently tried to explore traditional images in search of the core, or the essence. I am searching for complexity through simplicity. The pieces put on display try to capture traditional themes in a modern concept,’’ said the man of the moment.


Doing justice to the above, you can see a simplified masterpiece of a black hat dance series painted using ink on traditional paper on your right the moment you enter the room. Another notable individual piece is that of a chorten painted with simple brush strokes with a single red stroke to identify the object. Additionally are pieces of Buddha to be amazed with, few acrylic on canvas and watercolor works giving an insight into the artist’s inspiration of combining the richness of Bhutanese visual heritage with infinite range of art techniques.

“He uses different styles and mediums. It’s quite impressive. You wouldn’t know it’s by the same artist. If it’s a good exhibition there are some works that really speaks to the viewer. And I felt that this exhibition was like that,’’ said Susan S. Bean, an art expert of Visual arts of modern South Asia present at the opening.

A contemporary artist in a place where contemporary art is comparatively new, he said that he has yet to have a signature style but is mostly experimenting with styles, themes and techniques. However, his work frequently responds to and engages traditional Bhutanese art and its religious themes often exploring Buddhist spiritualism and its manifestations in everyday life.
“As a contemporary Bhutanese artist I recognize both the challenges and opportunities of this circumstance… I hope every piece of work that I undertake has the potential for both myself and the viewer to interpret and represent our world with a fresh and untutored perspective. I know this is both an exciting opportunity and huge responsibility, both of which I embrace,” in his artist statement.

Artist :Pema Tshering

Title- Essence
Venue – VAST Bhutan
Date- 3rd-17th November


By: Chimi Wangmo

Photos by: VAST

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