Bag Up Some Warmth with Woollen Yathras this Winter

A line of Yathra (woollen) bags released by SABAH (SAARC Business Association for Home Based Workers) has arrived just in time for the winter season. These Yathra bags and purses make the ideal accessories, complimenting any outfit and adding a refined and bold edge to any getup. These bags are handwoven using traditional textiles from Bumthang.

Brought to you by SABAH

Photos by Namgay DJ

These products are tailored by the Home Based Workers’ Society in Thimphu. The handwoven cotton material sourced in the eastern region of Bhutan allows for a sturdy but undeniably comfortable product that is durable and stylish.

The average production period for each purse takes 1-2 weeks. SABAH (SAARC Business Association of Home Based Workers), an initiative which advocates for equal rights and the development of a sustainable livelihood for home-based workers, has launched several projects in order to realize the organization’s vision. The importance of developing a stable line of employment while generating a self-sustaining income is one of the key objectives of SABAH for their clients. SABAH focuses on the design and sale of authentic, handwoven, and high-end products that represents the sustainable nature of Bhutan, while simultaneously reinforcing a timeless tradition carried out by women artisans in Bhutan. This newly released line of yathra bags is perfect for the oncoming winter weather, and they act as an ideal find for those who are looking for products that are exceptionally fashionable as well as sustainable.

For more details, go to www.sabahbt.org

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