A Virtual Tour of Zhiwaling Ascent

Nestled within the peaceful and pristine forests of upper Motithang, Thimphu lies a sleek, modern hotel that combines the best of contemporary and traditional architectural designs. Click on the video for a spectacular video tour of Zhiwaling Ascent.

Written by Hannah Park & PemC   Video by Namgay DJ

Located just outside the city center, Zhiwa Ling Ascent Hotel, a beautifully designed lodge, is situated within the breathtaking serenity of Thimphu’s pristine forests.

Elements of Bhutanese dzongs (temples) are incorporated into the hotel’s aesthetic, creating a sleek and refined, yet traditional design. Irene Ott-Reinish, an innovative archetict from Austria, first conceived of the idea for Zhiwa Ling Ascent Hotel by turning towards Bhutanese farmhouses for inspiration.

The hotel features 20 rooms, each with a stunning view of Bhutan’s spectacular greenery and wildlife. Each room comes equipped with a cable TV, free Wi-Fi, an in-room safe, and much more.

The concept of this moderately sized hotel is to enhance a personal connection with the unspoiled nature surrounding the resort. Open areas for relaxation and enjoyment, such as a bar lounge and rooftop bar lounge, allow for an atmosphere of tranquility and satisfaction.

Finally, 40 Cover Restaurant, the hotel’s main dining facility, is renowned for its internationally recognized cuisine. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, ranging from Western cuisine to Bhutanese fare.

For more information go to www.zhiwaling.com

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